Wednesday, March 21, 2012

'John Carter' predicted sci-fi smash hit ends in disaster for Disney

Disney's latest film venture, 'John Carter', a huge-bidget science fiction epic, is predicted to lose the commercially successful Corporation approximately $200million, causing Disney's shares to drop a dramatic 1% for the quarter.
The film itself is set in outer space, when a former military marshall is transported to Mars - a risk for Disney as its storyline does not seem to fit in with Walt 'classics' the company has historically been famous for. Though not yet out in Australia, American interest in the epic were at a dangerously low rate even before its release, and copious amounts of advertising, along with the quality of the film itself, have done little to rectify the situation.

I have a personal interest in this story as I have been wondering for a number of years now whether Disney would gradually decline, not only in financial prowess, but also in influence in the film, cartoon and general pop culture world - this is due to my opinion that many 'values' that the Walk Disney Corporation seems to push in its fiction (in particular the stories involving Disney Princesses) are somewhat outdated, restrictive and lessening in relevance to contemporary society as years go on.

The homogenised, anglo-centric, hetero/cis-centric, 'conventional' roles of many popular Disney characters have raised concern from a number of social justice bloggers over the past twenty-four months - is a fantastic example of analysing the films from a new perspective - with many people calling for a change in the way that Disney operates.

I would have to view 'John Carter' myself before making any logical and informed conclusions as to why exactly it has been such a flop, but it is interesting to note.

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