Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Oh my god what a nightmare - the morning before my annotated bibliography was due, my six month old MacBook Pro decided to break beyond repair; considering I treat the thing better than a human child, you can imagine my complete and total despair, especially since this wasn't the only assignment I had due last Friday... After much swearing, despairing and whatnot, I requested extensions on the assignments and thankfully had them approved.
I then ordered a new computer online (why I didn't just go into an Apple retailer and do it there is beyond me, stupid Daisy) thinking it'd be here by Monday and that's when I'd start working on it... No, Thursday. Thursday. Everything is due tomorrow. More swearing? Maybe.

At least it's all here now though, and I can begin my frantic descent into SERIOUS ASSIGNMENT MODE, avec tea & not enough sleep. That's okay though - good practice for when we've got a 24 hour deadline out in the real world, right?

I also received some seriously awesome feedback when I went to talk to my tutor about getting the extension in the first place, which restored my faith in this degree.

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