Monday, May 14, 2012

Personal blogging & its potential impact.

I run a personal blog over at, sometimes I'm serious with it, talking about current events, literature, cultural appropriation & other such 'proper' topics; and sometimes I just screw around and post stupid pictures of my friends and get into online arguments. You know, the usual teenager stuff, really. I guess the difference is that my blog has... Well, a fair few thousand followers. Sometimes this comes back to bite me because everything is under constant scrutiny - and sometimes, it shocks me to my very core.

One such incident was around this time last year, when I spent the evening answering messages from suicidal teens, trying to help them out, offer them advice, give them reasons to stay, etc. One of the features of my blog in 2011 was 'Reasons Life Is Worth It', just some silly little lists of reasons life is nice, reasons to stay, etc; just some fun for me, but I was to find out, they were actually a lifeline for some people. I ended up feeling particularly overwhelmed by the messages I was receiving, and I ended up writing, without proofreading, editing or even much motivation behind it, this little piece of thought-vomit here:

It ended up receiving over 800 'notes' on Tumblr (meaning someone likes, reblogs, or comments on the post) and I was completely inundated with messages telling me I had saved someone's life - with a post I'd frantically turned out in under ten minutes! It's moments like those when blogging completely and utterly overwhelms me. Blogging is a tough world for me sometimes - there are whole forums dedicated to writing derogatory things about me... Hi guys! - but it's times like those when I know I'll never stop writing, never stop turning out posts like those, if they could honestly help people then it'll all be worth it, I suppose.

I write a lot of Inspiration based blog posts, and often they're received quite well. Here is another of my favourites, which has actually been stolen and reposted multiple times already!

I have a huge platform of communication, and that's pretty amazing, huh.

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