Wednesday, March 7, 2012

7th March - my first tute & more!

I have a few things to write about today, so bear with me & we'll get through it all!

1. Someone wrote this blog post abut me on their Tumblr - how amazing!
Not that it needs my plugging but I’ve just added this on line magazine which I found through following I first started following her because someone had re blogged something where it lead to some abuse of Daisy and I thought why? Then started reading he blogs and thought wow this girl makes a lot of sense. I’m more than old enough to be most peoples father on here so I find it refreshing when I see viewpoints and ideas raising their heads that I felt passionately about and still do. I like it more when they are done articulately and respectfully (even when abused) which ‘daisy lola’ does. (In the most fantastic listenable accent if you play here videos). Look her up more importantly the magazine. You don’t have to agree with everything,dispute it if you dare, but get ready to start thinking, asking yourself as well as others questions. More than anything be reassured there are people not willing to role over and accept the status quo (and I don’t mean the band!). Here is the intro’s and link to both her and the mag. Open up your young as I my not so young mind and be glad there are still people out there willing to think for themselves.

He included the 'About' sections of both my personal blog and DAMNED BLOGAZINE, which I decided to edit out here because it's not too relevant; but isn't this just the loveliest thing? I get a lot of nice messages on the internet (once again, more on this later!) but for someone to take the time out of their day to actually post something so lovely to their blog is just astounding to me. I guess I'll never get used to the compliments, haha.

2. I threw up in a bin at the Toowong bus stop today. An old Chinese woman judged me, and to be fair, quite rightfully so. It was the UNSA (United Nations Student Association) launch party last night, and there was a bar tab so0o0o0o0o0o0o..

3. Yesterday was my first JOUR1111 tute, and I really enjoyed myself. The people in my class - does that sound really high school? Whatevz - all seem fascinating so I'm really hoping we all end up getting along, and more importantly that we end up teaching one another some things, sharing skills, et cetera. The tute itself was in the Journalism building, which I'm super impressed with. Though I've wanted to be a journalist for as long as I can remember, I have frequent moments of doubt in which I decide I want to be a historian instead, but being in that environment even for a couple of hours just felt so right to me, I felt so at home, and hopefully within the coming months I'll have the time, balls and inclination to take full advantage of all the resources that are available to us.
I gained some confidence in myself & my ability after doing an exercise in which we had to introduce the person next to us using a news headline we'd created for them - I've taken about a year and a half off from academia, and whilst my brain was still always buzzing with blog ideas and literature, I was slightly worried that transitioning back into study might be a massive fail on my behalf, but my headline (SEQUINS & SASS - U.S. expat takes salsa dancing championship by storm) seemed to be received quite well & considering it took me less than thirty seconds to come up with, I'm thinking I might actually be alright at this course.

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